The story of
the cover photo

The story of
the cover photo

Eddie Adams, an American Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and photojournalist, said about the photo used on the cover: 

‘Such as when I was in Czech Republic doing President Vaclav Havel that morning; I was happy. He had canceled before twice, and I only had ten minutes with him, but even so, I still like him — for what he stands for, for what he’s done, and just as a person — I liked him an awful lot. But I was leaving the next morning, when Hungarian mental rights activist Gabor Gombos showed up at midnight. He came up to hotel room and I had him stand in a corner of the room and backlit him – and it actually worked out!’

Interview by Nan Richardson 2 October 2000, New York City
The full interview is available at

Original of the Cover Image: © Eddie Adams, via

Eddie Adams © Eric Koch for Anefo, via Wikimedia Commons


Eddie Adams

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